The 2015-2017 JM Working Group

The new 2015-2017 JM Working Group

Find out about the members of the new 2015-2017 JM Working Group that was elected via the online elections on

The new JM Working Group (2015-2017) members are:

JM Chairperson

Olympia Tsilochristou

JM Webmaster

Anke Graessel

Asthma Section Representative

Silvia Sanchez-Garcia

Dermatology Section Representative

Razvigor Darlenski

ENT Section Representative

Peter Valentin Tomazic

Immunology Section Representative

Ibon EguĂ­luz-Gracia

Pediatrics Section Representative

Ozlem Cavkayatar

Aerobiology & Pollution IG Representative

Nikolaos Gkavogiannakis

Allergy, Asthma & Sport IG Representative


Allergy Diagnosis IG Representative

Gilda Varricchi

Allied Heath IG Representative


Biologicals IG Representative Representative

Davide Firinu

Comparative & Veterinary Allergology IG Representative

Ahmed Adel Seida

Drug Allergy IG Representative

Laura Losappio

Eosinophilic Esophagitis IG Representative Representative


Epidemiology IG Representative Representative

Alberto Alvarez-Perea

Food Allergy IG Representative

Marco Caminati

Immunotherapy IG Representative

Ignacio Esteban Gorgojo

Infections & Allergy IG Representative

Philipp Starkl

Insect Hypersensitivity IG Representative

Elisa Boni

Occupational Allergy IG Representative

George Guibas

Ocular Allergy IG Representative Representative

Diana Silva

OMICS & Systems Medicine IG Representative

Spyridon Megremis

Primary Care IG Representative

Nino Lomidze

Primary Immunodeficiency IG Representative

Manuel Jorge Rial Prado

JM Past Chair

Alexandra Santos

The responsibilities of JM representatives:
  • To provide information to JMs regarding activities
  • To liaise with the relevant Section/IG board, the JM group and all the JMs in the section, in order to promote participation in EAACI activities.

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Last updated 23 June 2016