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JMA-Allergy collaboration

Dear JMAs,
As you might know there is an established collaboration between Allergy Journal and JMAs starting from last year. Already under the JMA Reviews issue articles like ''T cell tolerance in allergic response'' by K. Blaser, ''Up-date on chemokines and chemokines' receptors'' by A.Mantovani and '' Difficult asthma'' by M. Humbert appeared or will soon appear. These were proposed and edited by JMAs.

The collaboration with Allergy will continue as follows:
The JMAs propose a title and 2 or 3 alternative authors for a review in the areas where they are interested. The proposal is ranked, as other articles in Allergy are, by a scientific board, and then Allergy's Editor invites one of the proposed authors to submit the review.

Another kind of review can be submitted directly by a JMA referring to the theme of his PhD thesis. This review should be written by the JMA in collaboration with his mentor, a Senior Member, and should cover an area linked to the PhD thesis . A short abstract of the review should be submitted and will be subject to the same ranking process mentioned above.

We are looking forward for you to send innovative proposals and suggestions at . Also, please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions.

On behalf of the JMA Working Group,
Chrysanthi Skevaki