JM-PAI collaboration

Dear JMs,
a collaboration between the JM Working Group and the Pediatric Allergy & Immunology (PAI) journal was launched at the EAACI Annual Congress in Istanbul in June 2011. Since then, the JMs have worked closely with the Editorial Office of PAI to develop new initiatives to promote the journal and related educational activities from the JMs’ point of view.

Announcement and promotion
The JM-PAI Collaboration was announced and has been promoted through both, the Wiley website as well as through EAACI’s promotional flyers. The JMs created a Facebook page in 2011 and a Twitter page was organised by Eissa Hakimeh (Secretary of the ‘IT for PAI initiative’) together with Olympia Tsilochristou (JM Chair) in May 2015. Since February 2016, the PAI articles and JM-relevant information about the publications are promoted via the social media channels of the EAACI HQ flagged with the hashtag #PAI_Journal. Come and find us on Facebook and Twitter!

National Research

Networks As part of the JM-PAI Collaboration, in 2011 a pilot-project was developed with the Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SIAIP) in order to involve more JMs in the project and to distribute the journal’s content at national level in Italian. This initiative was also supported by the existing and active Junior Group of the Italian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SIAIC) and it had been set to be extended to other European countries.

"10 years of JM" Anniversary Paper

A paper was also published in 2011 in PAI authored by the JM Working Group to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the EAACI-JMs. You can read it here!

JM Hot Topic Reviews

Junior members of our Academy were given the opportunity to submit “hot topic reviews” in cooperation with their mentors for publication in the PAI journal. Three papers were accepted and published as part of this initiative:

1. Alexandra Santos & Gideon Lack Santos AF, Lack G.
Food allergy and anaphylaxis in pediatrics: update 2010–2012. Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2012: 23: 698–706.

2. Laura Hatzler & Nikos Papadopoulos Hatzler L, Hofmaier S, Papadopoulos NG.
Allergic airway diseases in childhood – marching from epidemiology to novel concepts of prevention. Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2012: 23:616–622.

3. Marco Caminati & Gianenrico Senna Caminati M, Duric-Filipovic I, Arasi S, Peroni DG, Zivkovic Z, Senna G.
Respiratory allergies in childhood. Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2015 Nov 19.

4. Sanchez-Garcia S, Cipriani F, Ricci G.
Food Allergy in childhood: phenotypes, prevention and treatment. Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2ß15; 26(8): 711-20.

JMs as Peer-Reviewers

JMs who are active in their research field have been suggested as reviewers for PAI and the editors have expressed their happiness with their contributions which were prompt and very relevant.

JM must-read papers

Starting from November 2011 and on in every issue of PAI, the JM-PAI collaborative team has selected the paper that is most relevant to fellows in training for its educational content. The JM must-read papers are highlighted with the EAACI_JM logo in both the printed and the online version of the journal.
The abstracts of the JM-must read papers were translated into 15 different languages to help spread their important messages across numerous countries. We would like to thank all the JMs who kindly collaborated with us in translating these abstracts.

Video recorded interviews

The JM-PAI collaborative team is now working on a new initiative to promote the newly published articles in PAI. For this initiative JMs have been interviewing the leading author of a recently published original article during an EAACI event and asking questions about the main outcomes of the study. Each video record is distributed on the EAACI Website, YouTube and the Journal’s webpage.

Please keep visiting the EAACI JM webpages, the journal's website and follow the PAI related social media activities to stay updated on the initiatives of the JM-PAI collaboration team!

With our best regards,
The JM-PAI collaboration team

Ozlem Cavkaytar, Olympia Tsilochristou, Silvia Sanchez-Garcia, Alberto Alvarez-Parea (JM)
Ulrich Wahn, Paolo Matricardi, Doris Kollmann, Eissa Hakimeh (PAI)
Last updated 22 August 2016