Allergy school in Crete

29 June - 3 July 2007

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The second EAACI-GA2LEN Allergy School was completed with great success in Crete, from 29 to 3 June 2007. The course took place in Hotel "Pantheon Palace". Pantheon Palace Hotel is located 17km east of Heraklion International Airport.

In total, 70 participants from 10 countries of Europe and beyond, joined the scientific course under the theme “The war against the allergic march” a topic approached from both clinical and mechanistic viewpoints.

On Saturday, 30/6/2007 the scientific program introduced Mäkelä, from Finland. The discussed issue was: “Preventing post-RSV disease. The link between bronchiolitis, allergy & asthma. The questions “Should we avoid or welcome colds in the first years of life? by NG Papadopoulos from Greece and “RSV prevention/treatment: will it reduce asthma?”, by SL Johnston from UK, ended up the first part of the conversation.

Other important issues such as Lung function & inflammation, Asthma drugs in childhood, have also been discussed.

Sunday, 1/7/2007 started with the scientific program, introduced by Douladiris from Greece. His oral presentation concerned humans skin and methods for its care. The social program of the day was exciting since it included a visit to Knossos, the ancient Greek city and the acquaintance with the Olympic games.

Monday, 2/7/2007 started with the scientific program and the oral presentation, introduced by KH Carlsen from Norway, E Mantzouranis from Greece and A.Custovic from the U.K. The issue concerned “Tender skins” (Alternative Life-styles: Weight, exercise and healthy breathing in childhood, how to avoid smoking, Pet keeping) and followed “The allergic march”. The social program included a beach volley game in the afternoon, and a dinner party.

Tuesday, 3/7/2007 was the summer’s school last day. E Vassilopoulou from Greece presented the issue “Experimental Cooking” (Deciphering food labels, Mediterranean recipes for the allergic).
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