Summer School in Prague

10 -14 September, 2005
Prague, Czech Republic

Main Theme:“Allergy – From Basic Immunology to Clinical Care


September 2005 in Prague will never be quoted in history for its good weather, but it sure was a good Summer School. The location and speakers couldn’t be better.

People were nice, the hotel was great, food was fine. Loosing weight was left for another time, as Czech cuisine can not be called “light”. They also have an exquisite selection of beers and wines, nightlife and ... oh yes a scientific program!

Scientific program

The lectures elaborated on allergy, asthma, rhinitis, atopic dermatitis and immunotherapy. Basic overviews as well as new data were discussed. The break out- and interactive sessions where a great opportunity to meet the authorities on a certain subject. Groups of five to ten participants were invited to present their data and discuss it with the experts.

Lectures usually alternated with group discussions to give the participants the opportunity to ask their questions, more personally, in smaller groups. Sunday started with an introduction on epidemiology and continued on the fundamentals of inflammation and allergy. On Monday the lectures focused more on allergy. The rest of the week, more profound topics where presented: the clinical presentations and treatments of allergy like asthma, dermatitis and rhinitis.


Social program

Sunday evening, the first social event, consisted of a boat trip on the Moldau-river, with buffet and life music: an excellent combination to enjoy the architecture of the inner-city and get to know the fellow participants. During the first part of the trip, I suspected the organizers had arranged a great lightening storm on the water. Going further upriver, passing the lock for the first time, it was still light so the top deck of the boat provided a good elevated position for a lookout over the city. And after dusk, we saw Prague by night from the water.


Our last evening, a traditional Czech dinner, was in a restaurant with its own authentic 15th century brewery. After a few of those dark ales, the crowd was singing along with the band. I think it’s better not to go deeper in that subject, but those of you who have not yet attended a Summer School now know what to do next year.

At last, on Wednesday, when everybody had to go home, the sun was shining.
Jeroen Clement, JMA

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Report from Summer School in Prague 2005
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