Allergy School in Ancona

EAACI & GA2LEN Allergy School in Hymenoptera Venom Allergy
3rd-6th September 2009, Ancona, Italy

The 1st EAACI & GA2LEN Allergy School in Hymenoptera Venom Allergy took place in Ancona, Italy, 3rd-6th September 2009, with the support of the Italian Association of Allergists and Immunologists in collaboration with the EAACI Allergy Diagnostics Interest Group. The aim of this event was to educate and stimulate the social contacts between young physicians from all over Europe interested in diagnosis and treatment of children and adults with Hymenoptera venom allergy.

For this Allergy School Ancona´s University Hospital welcomed 16 faculty members and 83 participants from 13 countries. The scientific program included three theoretical sessions, two practical sessions and one poster presentation session. Theoretical sessions addressed “Entomology, epidemiology, natural history and diagnostic tools of hymenoptera venom allergy”; “Treatment with venom immunotherapy” and “Emergency treatment in insect venom allergy”. In the practical sessions participants could choose between: “Skin tests in allergic patients”; “In vitro tests”; “Updosing of VIT: which schedule is the best?” and “Presentation of some difficult cases in diagnosis”.

Faculty excellence and intimate and collegial atmosphere allowed plenty of space for discussion and permitted participants to profit from this event, acquiring significant theoretical and practical knowledge in hymenoptera venom allergy.

The social program was also exceptional. All participants had the opportunity to visit Ancona, a seaport settled in the 4th Century BC by Greek colonists from Syracuse, and had the chance to taste the delicious sea food accompanied by the emblematic verdicchio wine at an outstanding beach party in Portonovo bay, a natural bay where the ever-green oaks smoothing the mountain touch the blue sea.

In summary, the scientific quality allied to the excellent social program determined once more the success of this EAACI & GA2LEN Allergy School.

Rodrigo Rodrigues Alves, MD
EAACI JMA WG Webmaster

Last updated 16 September 2014