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    Jacques Gayraud


    Sergio Bonini
    Alfred William Frankland
    S.G.O Johansson
    A. Barry Kay
    Francois B. Michel
    Claude Molina
    Kristof Nekam
    Johannes Ring
    Jose Rosado Pinto
    Umberto Serafini
    Hans-Uwe Simon
    Erkka Valovirta
    Paul van Cauwenberge
  • About Us

    Ethics Committee (EC) is a permanent body of EAACI aimed at ensuring high ethical standards in all areas of EAACI activity. These include, but are not necessarily confined to, clinical, scientific and political aspects of allergology and clinical immunology, as well as the conduct of individual members of EAACI and its various committees. All EAACI members are obliged to uphold high ethical standards. The EC may also address behaviour or practice by non-members of EAACI where this affects the image or standing of EAACI.