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EAACI has held the European Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology annually since 2008. Many candidates and members of numerous National Societies have already successfully passed the examination.

The exam is based on revised questions from a question pool prepared by EAACI Task Force members and members from different European centres. These questions are constantly updated and revised. The questions address topics of allergology including allergens, dermatological, respiratory and pediatric allergy, anaphylaxis, venom hypersensitivity, drug and food hypersensitivity. Furthermore, issues such as pregnancy and allergology, occupational allergies, eosinophilic disorders, mastocytosis, and CI-INH deficiency are covered. It also assesses basic immunology and clinical immunology (auto-immunity and immune deficiency).  The exam lasts for about three hours and comprises about 100 multiple-choice questions, all in English.

The EAACI/UEMS Knowledge Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology takes place every year during the EAACI Congress. It does not replace or provide a substitute for existing national examinations held regularly by national bodies, although we expect it to help raise the standard of Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Europe. At the same time we hope it will facilitate the exchange of young people trained in Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Europe.

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  • EAACI/UEMS Knowledge Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology

    8th EAACI/UEMS Examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology.
    EAACI Congress, Barcelona.
    Date: Saturday 6 June 2015


    Scope of the EAACI examination:

    Following the initiative of UEMS to standardise the training curriculum of allergologists/clinical immunologists in Europe (Allergy 59:579-588, 2004), the EAACI examination aims to further improve the standards of our specialty by providing a European examination in Allergology and Clinical Immunology.
    Such an examination could:
    • Help to harmonise the educational level of Allergology and Clinical Immunology throughout Europe
    • Give an input for the standardisation of the professional examinations for specialization in Allergology and Clinical Immunology among European national societies
    • Help small membership societies in the provision of a regular written examination at a constant high international level
    • Identify those colleagues able to fulfil the standards of knowledge for a continuous professional development

    Admission to the examination:

    The EAACI examination is open to members of EAACI and for non members.
    Click here to become a member.

    Mode of examination:

    The examination consists of a knowledge test with 100 multiple-choice questions. It comprises questions in Allergology (70%) and basic/ clinical Immunology (30%), all in English. The questions are carefully formulated and reviewed by an international board of experts in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, together with a specialised, professional institution (institute for medical teaching, IML, Bern,, which also supervises the evaluation of the examination.

    A newly introduced minor part of the exam is designed using so-called Sript Concordance Test (SCT) questions.
    The background of required knowledge is based on the currently existing modern textbooks, preferably but not exclusively in English. Furthermore, a list of recent publications related to the possible questions is provided. The examination does not contain a practical section.

    Costs of the examination*:

    To be announced

    Evaluation of the EAACI examination:

    The examination is evaluated by IML (Institute for Medical Teaching, IML, Bern-

    Information about the achieved points is provided within 4 weeks after the exam. A certificate is provided if the examination is passed successfully.

    Legal aspects:

    The registration for the examination implies the acceptance that the result of the examination is ultimate and no legal debate of the final decision is possible.


    Application for the 7th EAACI Examination in Copenhagen (Saturday, 7 June 2014 at 11:00) has now closed.

    For more information about the exam, please contact:

    EAACI Headquarters

    Hagenholzstr. 111
    8050 Zurich
    Telephone: +41 44 205 55 33
    Fax: +41 44 205 55 39