Dear Colleagues

Although the days are getting shorter (at least in the northern hemisphere) and thoughts are starting to focus on the approaching festive season, EAACI continues to strive to move forward with resolve and focus on educating and building the allergy community during this month.

The EAACI Executive Committee met in Zurich to develop and agree the 2015 budget that will give direction and lead the organisation for the coming year. A challenging task as it may be, the end result is a positive and innovative plan for year ahead. A number of new projects, Task Forces and Allergy Schools have been identified to be included in next year’s slate of activities. A highlight has been the discussions about changes in our Constitution, which we will soon share with you and request your views.

The success of last month was the International Severe Asthma Forum (ISAF) in Athens which provoked and stimulated the asthma community in its quest to better understand the mechanism of severe asthma and to maximise treatment strategies for patients. Two important Task Forces were launched during the meeting, one on asthma exacerbations and the other on asthma biomarkers. The presence of several members of the ERS leadership was very welcome and the possibility of expanding our collaboration was explored.

A second highlight was the rollout of the Allergy Awareness Campaign and its first wave on asthma. This campaign is targeted at the general public to raise their awareness of the problem of allergy across the entire community and the seemingly simple things that can make a person’s life a misery. Collaborating with a mainstream advertising agency, the online advertising campaign uses the strong campaign visual to direct traffic to the campaign website, The online campaign is supplemented by actions from national societies, community pharmacists and patient organisations. In the coming twelve months a series of waves on different topics related to allergy will be rolled out – so keep a look out for them and share them with your friends and patients!

Communication is a critical part of sharing knowledge and staying informed. EAACI is also very pleased to announce this month the launch of the new EAACI website. The updated and fresh design will help you find the things you are looking for more easily as well as enhance the experience of visiting the world of EAACI. I encourage all readers to take a moment and enjoy the experience of the new website.

And lastly a reminder of some important deadlines that are approaching that you should not miss out on: the application deadline for EAACI Research and Clinical Fellowships, PhARF Award, Allergopharma Award 2015 is, for all of them, 31 December 2014. You also have more or less than a month to submit your abstract for SERIN and EAACI Annual Congress 2015.

I wish you a successful and safe conclusion to the year.

Nikos Papadopoulos

EAACI President
Last updated 28 November 2014