President's Note

September 2013

Dear EAACI Members

August has now drawn to a close and as people begin to flock back to work, it gives us a moment to reflect on how EAACI functions and what we need to do to continue improving. I strongly believe we have created an image of professionalism throughout the Academy over the last few years but it is important to build on that and to adapt in what is an ever-changing world.

Later on this month I will meet with the Executive Committee in Malta to discuss ongoing issues and a range of exciting new projects we hope to launch shortly. The Strategic Programme for the next two years mentions that members of the Committee will be more involved in the day-to-day running of EAACI and I look forward to hearing how they feel they can help us progress.

It also goes without saying that the members of the Sections and Interest Groups play a vital role within the Academy. Further engagement is a must if we want to continue to rely on these dedicated individuals. In fact, we are very open to all members: crowdsourcing is a great way to identify the needs of the community and we are expecting proposals for new projects until September 10.

Some examples of this hard work will be on show later this year at the Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting, PAAM 2013. Registration for the premier Pediatric Allergy and Asthma event of 2013 is still open and with topics from anaphylaxis, food allergy and asthma to rhinitis, eczema and immunotherapy being covered it is set to be a huge success.

Additionally, there are just a few short weeks left until the Allergy School on Allergic Reactions to Drugs ā€“ From Phenotype to Genotype taking place in Malaga from September 19 ā€“ 21. Registration remains open.

These events are a true reflection of the commitment many people make to improving the work EAACI does. Iā€™m sure that with further engagement we can continue this upward trend of improvement for the foreseeable future.

Best regards,
Nikos Papadopoulos
EAACI President
Last updated 29 July 2014