The Annual Congress

EAACI holds an annual congress every year. This is the most important event of the Academy, and is one of the biggest international meetings dedicated to Allergology and Clinical Immunology. It gathers thousands of delegates from all around the world, and offers simultaneous sessions covering all aspects of our specialty.
  • Steering Committee
    EAACI: Antonella Muraro, Lars K. Poulsen
    Local Organising Committee
    A. Lauerma, Congress Chair, Finland A. Pelkonen, Finland
    M. Mäkelä, Congress Secretary, Finland S. Plado, Estonia
    N. Fyhrquist, LOC Secretary, Finland R. Renkonen, Finland
    T. Haahtela, Honorary Congress President, Finland A. Salava, Finland
    J. Karjalainen, Finland J. Savolainen, Finland
    P. Kauppi, Finland S. Toppila-Salmi, Finland
    M. Khaitov, Russia E. Valovirta, Finland
    E. Melén, Sweden