17 - 21 June 2017
Helsinki, Finland

Industry Programme

Satellite Symposia

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 1)
Novartis Pharma AG
Hall 3a
The future of urticaria – advances in CSU research

Chair. Marcus Maurer, Germany

Introduction: Welcome address
Marcus Maurer, Germany

Under the skin of CSU – diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in urticaria
Martin Metz    

Keeping it real: a look at the latest real-world data in CSU management
Alexander Marsland

Managing relapse in CSU
Gordon Sussman

Looking beyond CSU – a round-up of recent research
Marcus Maurer, Germany

Questions from the audience
All speakers

Close: Closing address
Marcus Maurer, Germany

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 2)
Hall 3c

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 3)
Shire International GmbH
Hall 3d
Hereditary angioedema: what does the future hold?

Co-chairs: Marco Cicardi, Italy
Hilary Longhurst, United Kingdom
Faculty: Emel Aygören-Pürsün, Germany

Welcome, and an introduction to hereditary angioedema (HAE)
Marco Cicardi, Italy

Challenges and current treatment options in the management of paediatric HAE patients
Hilary Longhurst, United Kingdom

Future therapeutic options for the management of paediatric HAE patients
Emel Aygören-Pürsün, Germany

The future of HAE treatment: innovative therapies to address unmet needs
Marco Cicardi, Italy

Q&A and closing remarks
All faculty/co-chairs

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 4)
Hall 3e
The Asthma Journey – Right road, Right destination

Chair Maritta Kilpeläinen, Finland

The building blocks for optimal asthma treatment
Chair: Maritta Kilpeläinen, Finland

Laying the foundations for improvements in therapy: Shared decision-making
Neil Martin, United Kingdom

Drawing the blueprints for correct asthma diagnosis
Peter Howarth, United Kingdom

Raising outcomes in the treatment of severe eosinophilic asthma
Neil Barnes, GSK, United Kingdom

Surveying the evidence: Effectiveness of targeted therapies in the real world
Andreas Heddini, United Kingdom

Q&A and symposium close
Maritta Kilpeläinen, Finland; Neil Barnes, United Kingdom

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 5)
Allergy Therapeutics plc.
Hall 3g
The Best Therapies By Design

The importance of defining the optimal dose
Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Germany

Molecular fingerprinting of complex allergoids
Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Austria

Rationale for broad spectrum grass immunotherapy
Uwe Berger, Austria

Defining the plateau of the efficacy for Allergen Specific Immunotherapy
Tim Higenbottam, United Kingdom

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 6)
Nestlé Nutrition Institute
Room 101
Controversies on Special Products for Managing Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) in Infants – Safety and Suitability

Chairpersons: Antonella Muraro, Italy
Arne Høst, Denmark

Choosing the most appropriate dietary management for infant with CMPA
Rosan Meyer, United Kingdom

Not all extensively hydrolysed Formulas intended for CMPA are the same
Martinas Kuslys, Switzerland

New guidelines ensuring safe products for infants with CMPA – update from the EAACI Task Force on special products for CMPA
Antonella Muraro, Italy
Arne Høst, Denmark

Monday, 19 June 2017

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 7)
Hall 3a
AstraZeneca: A Personalized Approach to Eosinophilic Asthma: Expert Perspectives in Clinical Practice

Welcome and Introductions
Ian Pavord, United Kingdom

Challenges in Asthma Heterogeneity
Leif Bjermer, Sweden

Clinical and Patient Perspectives in Severe Eosinophilic Asthma
Arnaud Bourdin, France

The Evolving Science of Severe Asthma and Emerging Clinical Practices
Ian Pavord, United Kingdom

Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 8)
DBV Technologies
Hall 3d
Investigational Epicutaneous Immunotherapy: Shaping the Future of Treating Food Allergies

Welcome and Introductions
Jonathan Hourihane, Ireland

The Unique Immune Properties of the Skin
Hugh A. Sampson, United States

Clinical Development of EPIT in Food Allergies
André C. Knulst, The Netherlands

What Are the Expectations for Peanut Allergy Immunotherapy?
Jonathan M. Spergel, United States

Conclusions and Faculty Panel Discussion

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 9)
CSL Behring GmbH
Hall 3e
The dawn of a new era of HAE Management

Chairs: Marco Cicardi, Italy
Timothy Craig, United States

Welcome and introduction
Marco Cicardi, Italy; Timothy Craig, United States

Unmet medical needs in HAE management
Markus Magerl, Germany

Experience with C1-INH replacement therapy for HAE management
Hilary Longhurst, United Kingdom

COMPACT: Evidence for subcutaneous C1-INH for routine prevention
Bruce Zuraw, United States

Panel discussion

Closing remarks
Marco Cicardi, Italy; Timothy Craig, United States

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 10)
Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron
Room 103a
Evolving Concepts and Clinical Implications for Targeted Therapeutics in Asthma Patients with Overlapping Type 2 Comorbidities

Welcome and Introduction

Clinical Insights into the Management of Patients with Multiple Comorbidities: Clinical Challenges, Best Practices, and Future Directions
Chair – William Busse

High Burden of Disease in Patients with Multiple Type 2 Diseases and Associated Comorbidities
David Price

Lessons Learned from Immune-Epithelial Interactions in the Skin and Implications for Airway Diseases
Donald Leung

Exploring the Links Between Upper and Lower Airway Inflammation and Implications for The Clinic
Claus Bachert

Asthma Immunology – A clinical approach
Klaus Rabe

Closing Remarks and Panel Q&A
Chair – William Busse

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 11)
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Room 102
Chair: Vibeke Backer, Denmark

Welcome and introduction
Vibeke Backer, Denmark

Severe asthma: idetifying those with the eosinophilic phenotype
Dave Singh, United Kingdom

What biomarkers are clinically important in the inflamed lung?
Christian Virchow, Germany

Anti-IL-5 therapy: from clinical trials to clinical practice
Guy Brusselle, Belgium

Summary and close
Vibeke Backer, Denmark

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 12)
Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc
Hall 3a
Meeting Patients’ Needs: Exploring a Path to an Approved Oral Treatment for Peanut Allergy

Chair: Clare Mills, United Kingdom

Chair’s address

Why do patients and families need an approved oral therapy for peanut allergy?
Sabine Schnadt, Germany

How is oral immunotherapy evolving?
Kirsten Beyer, Germany

Defining success of oral immunotherapy for Health Care Practitioners
Pablo Rodriguez del Rio, Spain

Chair’s closing remarks: Meeting the challenges of securing an approved therapy for peanut allergy in Europe

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 13)
Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron
Hall 3g
Advancing the Clinical Care of Patients With Persistent Atopic Dermatitis

Welcome and Introduction
Thomas Bieber, Germany

Clinical Challenges, Best Practices, and Future Directions
Thomas Bieber, Germany

The Predisposition of Patients Living With AD: Comorbidities and Atopic March
Mark Boguniewicz, United States

Emerging Therapeutic Strategies for Atopic Dermatitis
Michael J. Cork, United Kingdom

Looking Forward – Defining Different AD Clinical Phenotypes: Biomarkers and Genotypes Associated With AD Endotypes
Thomas Bieber, Germany

Closing Remarks and Panel Q&A
Chair – Thomas Bieber, Germany

Company Sponsored Satellite Symposium (SAT 14)
Room 103a
Peptide carrier fusion vaccines: A new paradigm for allergen specific immunotherapy

Chairpersons: Marianne van Hage, Sweden
Rudolf Valenta, Austria

Rainer Henning, Austria

Limitations of current allergen extract-based AIT
Marianne van Hage, Sweden

Design of recombinant AIT vaccines based on the peptide carrier fusion technology
Rudolf Valenta, Austria

Clinical evaluation of a grass pollen allergy vaccine based on the peptide carrier fusion technology
Petra Zieglmayer

Questions & Answer