17 - 21 June 2017
Helsinki, Finland

Scientific Programme

Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses are half-day sessions proposed by the EAACI Sections or Interest Groups. They are designed to provide a thorough review in an area of special interest. Delegates attending these courses should have background knowledge of that particular topic. Pre-registration for these courses is required. A separate registration fee applies.

All Postgraduate Courses take place on Saturday 17 June 2017 from 14:00 – 17:30. A visit to the Clinical Village is an integral part of each course.

  • PG 1                       Management of drug hypersensitivity
  • PG 2                       Contact dermatitis in childhood
  • PG 3                       Postgraduate Course Immunotherapy
  • PG 4                       Recent developments in gastrointestinal food hypersensitivity
  • PG5                        Food Allergy beyond childhood
  • PG6                        Tools to enhance the value of clinic allergy research
  • PG7                        Diagnostic tests in Rhinology
  • PG8                        'Omic' technologies in Immunology
  • PG9                        Allergy Diagnosis 2017
  • PG10                     Allergy for Primary Care doctors

Registration Fees

  • Regular Fee:       EUR 85
  • Reduced Fee*:   EUR 60

*These are Special Rates (Students, Nurses, Dieticians, Laboratory Technicians): Status must be certified by a Head of Hospital / Department and must be submitted with registration. Pre-registration is required. PhD students, MD students or fellows in training are eligible for the student fee until the age of 35. Student status must be proven by a student ID or certified by a Head of Department and a copy of an ID card or passport must be submitted with the registration.

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