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Room 122/123

08.30-18.30 FULL DAY

Simultaneous translation into Spanish

Opening Ceremony
Ignacio Ansotegui, Spain
Roy Gerth van Wijk, The Netherlands
Tomás Chivato, Spain
Amparo Gaitano Garcia, Spain

Role of Spanish Nursing in Europe
Speaker: Máximo González Jurado, Spain

Asthma Follow-Up and Inflammation Markers
Chairperson: Ana Blanca Eibar de la Encina, Spain
Speaker: Jordi Giner Donaire, Spain

Food Allergens: Identification, Cross-Reactivity Reactions and Diagnostic Procedures
Chairperson: Ana Maria Rojo Hernández, Spain
Mercedes Guillén Biscarri, Spain
Rosmary King, United Kingdom

Coffee Break

Drug Allergy and Diagnostic Procedures
Chairperson: Agustín Frades Rodriguez, Spain
Maria Isabel Huerta García, Spain
Maria Pilar Hernández Suárez, Spain

Round Table Discussion
Topics: Allergy Nursing around Europe: duties in allergy nursing, responsibilities, work situation and responsibilities in diagnostic procedures.

Nuria Rodríguez Valiente, Spain
Cristina Mañas y Rueda, Spain
Birthe Hellquist, Denmark
Monika Durka, Poland
Amena Warner, United Kingdom

Lunch and Collection of surveys from nursing committee


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools in Asthma and Rhinitis

Spanish speakers in room 122/123:
Montserrat Torrejón Lázaro, Spain
Luisa Talens Armand, Spain

English speakers in room 131/132:
Birthe Hellquist, Denmark
Monika Durka, Poland

Management of Food Allergy
Spanish speakers in room 122/123:
Eulalia García Arnal,Spain
Maria Ángeles Sanz Bujeda, Spain

English speaker in room 131/132:
Rosmary King, United Kingdom

Immunotherapy: Improving Quality of Life
Spanish speakers in room 122/123:
Maria José García Romo, Spain

English speaker in room 131/132:
Lisa Dixon, United Kingdom

The European Meeting of Allergy Nurses will have a separate abstract submission. Send your nurse abstract to

Abstract deadline is 15 May, 2008.


09.00-18.30 FULL DAY

Post Graduate Course 1 - How to Evaluate Allergic Reactions to Drugs

Room 133/134

Pascal Demoly, France
María José Torres Jaen, Spain

Epidemiology of drug reactions
Pascal Demoly, France

Manifestations of drug allergy
Antti Lauerma, Finland

Skin tests
María José Torres Jaen, France

In vitro tests
Cristobalina Mayorga, Spain

Drug provocation tests
Philippe Bousquet, France

Allergy to penicillins and cephalosporins
Maria José Torres, Spain

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs intolerance
Miguel Blanca, Spain

Radio contrast media
Knut Brockow, Germany

Anaphylaxis during general anaesthesia: what do we know?
Michel Mertes, France

Reactions to biologicals
Paolo Campi, Italy

Management of life-threatening drug reactions: Toxic epidermal necrolisis
Antonio Cozzio, Switzerland

Post Graduate Course 2 - Diagnostic Tools and Methods in Rhinology

Room 124/125

Peter Hellings, Belgium
Livije Kalogjera, Croatia

Clinical outcomes: clinical history, quality of life, nitric oxide
Glenis Scadding, United Kingdom

Nasal examination: nasal symptoms, rhinoscopy, endoscopy
Philippe Gevaert, Belgium

Assessing the senses of smell and taste
Joaquim Mullol, Spain

Nasal sampling: lavages, cytology, biopsies
Mario Zernotti, Argentina

Nasal function: nasal peak flow, rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry
Peter Hellings, Belgium

Allergy and hyperresponsiveness: nasal provocation, allergy tests
Giovanni Passalacqua, Italy

Imaging in rhinology
Livije Kalogjera, Croatia

Clinical and research tools in rhinology
Kees van Drunen, The Netherlands


Post Graduate Course 3 - Threshold Levels and Diagnostic Problems in Food Allergy

Room 127/128
This session will be followed by Post Graduate Course 9

Stefan Vieths, Germany
Thomas Werfel, Germany

Basic scientific session:

Clinical studies for allergen dose response
Barbara Ballmer-Weber, Switzerland

Food allergy and anaphylaxis – prevalence and risk factors
Margitta Worm, Germany

Strengths and limitation of methods for detection of hidden allergens in compound food products
Steve Taylor, United States

Assessment and management of unwanted cross-contaminations with allergenic foods
Thomas Holzhauser, Germany

Clinical session:
Selection of cases highlighting diagnostic problems in clinical food allergy. Cases will be presented by young clinical researchers (5min) and commented by experts (5 min) followed by an expert discussion.

Case 1- Food sensitivity in atopic eczema
Presenter: Sabine Dölle, Germany
Expert: Thomas Werfel, Germany

Case 2: Legume allergy in peanut allergic subjects
Presenter: Thuy-My Le, The Netherlands
Expert: Jonathan Hourihane, Ireland

Case 3: Intolerance to food additives
Presenter: Benedetta Belloni, Germany
Expert: Margitta Worm, Germany

Post Graduate Course 4 – Bioinformatics for Allergy Research and Future Applications

Room 129/130

Enrico Scala, Italy
Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Argentina

Allergen families: indentifying close and distant relatives
Christian Radauer, Austria

Computational tools: do they help allergists?
Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Argentina

Allergome and International Union of Immunological Societies on the move: get the best out of it now!
Adriano Mari, Italy

The bioinformatic crystal ball: vision 2025
Beda Stadler, Switzerland

Research networks
Javier Cuesta-Herranz, Spain

Post Graduate Course 5 - Pollen and Allergens Detection: Aerobiology Hands-on

Room 121

Carlos Nunes, Portugal
Lorenzo Cecchi, Italy

Allergenic plants in Europe
Gennaro D’Amato, Italy

Phenology and aerobiology for MDs
Lorenzo Cecchi, Italy

From the pollen station to the patient: how to spread aerobiological information?
Heidrun Behrendt, Germany

Set up and operation of a Hirst-type pollen station
Carlos Nunes, Portugal

Pollen grain identification - hands-on microscope
Rui Brandao, Portugal

Post Graduate Course 6 - The Nose and the Allergic Child

Room 120

Susanne Halken, Denmark
Ruby Pawankar, Japan

Pathophysiology of the allergic reaction in the nose
Ruby Pawankar, Japan

Clinical features of the allergic reaction in the nose
Arne Høst, Denmark

Rhinitis and sleep
John Warner, United Kingdom

Allergic rhinitis and asthma in the child
Maarten Hoekstra, The Netherlands

Vaccinations as a tool to prevent development of atopy?
Isil Barlan, Turkey

Post Graduate Course 7 - Venom Hypersensitivity

Room 118

Marek Jutel, Poland
Beatrice Bilò, Italy

Mechanisms of early and long term venom immunotherapy protection
Marek Jutel, Poland

What can we learn from epidemiological studies?
Javier Fernández, Spain

Insect venom allergy in children
David Golden, United States

Which venom and treatment schedule is best?
Beatrice Bilò, Italy

Venom immunotherapy in patients with contraindications
Franziska Ruëff, Germany

Future strategies in diagnosis and treatment of insect venom allergy
Ulrich Müller, Switzerland

Insect stings and bites: not only hymenoptera
Brunello Wüthrich, Switzerland

Post Graduate Course 8 - Specific Inhalation Challenges in Occupational Settings

Room 119

Gianna Moscato, Italy
Jolanta Walusiak, Poland

Joaquín Sastre, Spain

Causal agents
Andrea Siracusa, Italy

Methods of exposure
Olivier Vandenplas, Belgium

Assessment of bronchial response
Luca Perfetti, Italy

Assessment of nasal response
Jolanta Walusiak, Poland


Post Graduate Course 9 - Food Allergy in Children

Room 127/128
This is a follow up on PG Course 3

Antonella Muraro, Italy
Jonathan Hourihane, Ireland

Diagnosing food allergy in children
Kirsten Beyer, Germany

Food allergy and the gut
Steffen Husby, Denmark

Managing the food allergic child
Antonella Muraro, Italy

Oral desensitisation protocols in children
Bodo Niggemann, Germany

Post Graduate Course 10 - The Coming-of-Age of Molecular Allergology

Room 129/130

Adriano Mari, Italy
Gabrielle Pauli, France

Molecular allergens in practice: the future is now!
Jorge Martinez Quesada, Spain

Panallergens and their impact on the allergic patient
Fatima Ferreira, Austria

Allergen microarrays in daily clinical practice
Enrico Scala, Italy

Molecular allergology beyond in vitro testing
Gabrielle Pauli, France

Improving therapeutic options with recombinant technology
Rudolf Valenta, Austria

Recombinant allergens in olive and grass pollen allergy
Carmen Moreno, Spain

Post Graduate Course 11 - Methods for Quality Control in Diagnosing Allergy in vitro

Room 121

Alistair Crockard, United Kingdom
Lars Poulsen, Denmark

Immunoglobulin E assays revisited: great variety, great confusion?
Jörg Kleine-Tebbe, Germany

How to run the allergy lab for diagnostic purposes
Werner Aberer, Austria

Internal quality control: maintaining trust and validity
Steven Stapel, Netherlands

External quality control: proficiency testing for immunoglobulin E in Europe
Harald Renz, Germany

New tools around the corner: recombinant antibody technology
Markus Ollert, Germany

Post Graduate Course 12 - Immunotherapy for Pediatricians

Room 120

Antonio Nieto, Spain
Johannes Savolainen, Finland

The natural history of allergy in children
Ulrich Wahn, Germany

Efficacy of prevention measures
Adnan Custovic, United Kingdom

Changing the natural course
Peter Eng, Switzerland

Subcutaneous immunotherapy - sublingual immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis
Martin Penagos, Mexico

Subcutaneous immunotherapy - sublingual immunotherapy in allergic asthma
Carlos Baena-Cagnani, Argentina

Good clinical practice
Gunilla Hedlin, Sweden

Patient selection: to whom and when
Johannes Savolainen, Finland

Post Graduate Course 13 - Communication Tools for Patients and Professionals

Room 118

Nikos Papadopoulos, Greece
Fulvio Braido, Italy

Improving patient information leaflets
Helen Smith, United Kingdom

Web editing challenges and prospects
Chrysanthi Skevaki, Greece

Distance learning through the web, now and in the future
Jacques Gayraud, France

The web as a source for patient information
Nikos Papadopoulos, Greece

The web as a source for professionals
Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Argentina

Professional accreditation through the web
Fulvio Braido, Italy


Opening Ceremony

Room Auditorium

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