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Planner Media has been appointed the official press agency for EAACI2008.

Planner Media
Contact person: María Zabala
Pº de la Castellana 201 4ª
28046 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 787 03 00
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June 5, 2008. Spain welcomes the XXVII Congress of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.
June 5, 2008. Pollution and hygiene theory increase cases of paediatric allergy during the last decade.
June 5, 2008. Cluster immunotherapy reduces healthcare costs and medical visits.
June 5, 2008. New technique improves diagnosis of drug allergy and reduces need to execute controlled-exposition tests.
June 5, 2008. EAACI Background Information
June 5, 2008. Background information and types of allergy.
June 7, 2008. Molecular biology and Genetics will improve allergy's diagnosis and treatment.
June 8, 2008. One of every two patients in Europe ask for medical attention because of allergic reactions of the skin.
June 8, 2008. The role of nurses in allergology units is key for the patient's correct compliance with therapy.
June 9, 2008. The complexity of food allergies is an obstacle for patients' access to adequate diagnosis and treatment
June 10, 2008. Individualised treatments are the only efficient way to halt asthma's advance
June 10, 2008. Treatment can lead you to gold

International journalists are suggested to pre-register before May 20th in order to receive written confirmation of accreditation. Personal badges will be given when first visiting the Congress at the Press Desk and should be worn and visible at all times when at the CCIB. On-site registration will also be possible.

Journalists employed by news organisations attending the meeting for the purpose of editorial coverage will be granted media credentials.

Journalists are required to submit appropriate credentials as part of their registration application, including a photocopy of official pass credentials OR a letter of assignment from the media organisation being represented.

Companies or organisations producing publications, videos and other products intended for marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations purposes may not register as media. Financial analysts; sales, advertising or marketing representatives; public relations personnel; book publishers and book authors; and individuals from communications, print and online promotion services may not register as media but are welcome to register as regular attendees.

Media unable to attend the EAACI meeting may request press materials by contacting the Press Office at + 34 91 787 03 00. Press kits will be sent to non-registered media immediately following the Congress.

The EAACI Press Office will update information regarding all press events scheduled for the Congress.

For questions, please contact the EAACI Press Office at:
TEL. + 34 91 787 03 00 // FAX. + 34 91 323 13 90

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