Pediatric Track Preliminary Programme


Symposia                                                                                                             Day and start time

Prevention of Allergic Diseases                                                                       Sunday 10.30

Treatment of Pediatric Asthma                                                                         Monday 10.30

Asthma in Childhood                                                                                          Monday 13.30

Immunotherapy in Children                                                                              Monday 15.30

Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders                                                            Tuesday 10.30

Atopic Eczema                                                                                                     Tuesday 13.30

Drug Allergy in Children                                                                                     Wednesday 8.30



Food Allergy in Children                                                                                     Sunday 13.30

Management of Anaphylaxis in Childhood                                                     Sunday 15.30


Business meetings

Pediatric Section - Allergic Diseases: A Barrier Dysfunction?                   Tuesday 15.30


Practical Courses

Immunotherapy in Children                                                                              Monday 13.30


Lunch sessions - Pro & Con

The Treatment of Mild Persistent Asthma in                                                

Childhood should be Continuous?                                                                 Sunday 12.00

Probiotics in Treatment and Prevention of Atopic Diseases                      Monday 12.00

Long Acting Beta2agonist in Pediatric Asthma                                             Tuesday 12.00


Breakfast sessions - Meet the Expert

Multiple Food Allergies in Children                                                                  Monday 7.30

The Asmathic Child: Not just Asthma!                                                            Monday 7.30

Lung Function Evaluation in Infants and Pre-school Children                   Monday 7.30

When to Start Specific Immunotherapy/

Sublingual Immunotherapy in Infancy/Childhood?                                      Monday 7.30

Specific Immunotherapy in Children, Practical Aspects                              Tuesday 7.30

Practical Approach to Immunodeficient Child                                                Tuesday 7.30



Oral sessions

Mechanisms in the Development of Atopy                                                     Sunday 10.30

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis in Children                                                          Sunday 13.30

Recent Insights into Atopic Dermatitis                                                            Sunday 15.30

Development of Allergic Disease: Predictors and Risk Factors                 Monday 15.30

Primary Allergy Prevention in Children                                                            Monday 15.30

Pediatric Asthma                                                                                                 Wednesday 8.30


Poster Discussion Session

Anaphylaxis and Drug Allergies in Children                                                  Monday 15.30

Peanut, Wheat, and other Food Allergies in Children                                  Monday 15.30


Poster sessions

Epidemiology of Allergy in Children I                                                               Sunday 12.00

Egg, Fish, Wheat Allergy in Children                                                               Sunday 12.00

Treatment of Childhood Asthma                                                                      Sunday 12.00

Asthma Diagnosis                                                                                              Sunday 12.00

Cow's Milk Allergy in Children                                                                           Sunday 12.00

Pediatric Asthma Epidemiology                                                                       Monday 12.00

Inflammatory and Functional Markers in Pediatric Respiratory Allergy    Monday 12.00

Epidemiology of Allergy in Children II                                                              Monday 12.00

Atopic Dermatitis and Eosinophilic Oesophagitis in Children                   Monday 12.00

Focus Atopic Dermatitis                                                                                     Monday 12.00

Food Allergy in Children: Diagnosis and Management                               Tuesday 12.00

Risk Factors for Allergic Disease in Children                                                Tuesday 12.00

Predictors and Risk Factors for Pediatric Asthma                                        Tuesday 12.00

Immunodeficiency I                                                                                             Tuesday 12.00

Respiratory Allergies in Children                                                                     Tuesday 12.00

Immunodeficiency II                                                                                            Tuesday 12.00

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