Payment should be made in advance by one of the following methods;

1) American Express, Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard may be used for all payments. Please indicate card number, expiry date and cvv-code on the registration form.

2) Transfer to Handelsbanken
PO Box 7190,
SE-103 88 Stockholm, Sweden, BIC/SWIFTcode:
IBAN no:
SE 41 6000 0000 0000 4348 0829
Account no. 43 480 829, in EUR to
Congrex Sweden AB,
Attn: EAACI 2008,
PO Box 5619,
SE-114 86 Stockholm, Sweden.
Bank transfers are not allowed after
5 May 2008.

Please do not forget to indicate the payment reference number 802/ and the serial number appearing on your confirmation, together with the name of the participant on all money transfers. If you do not have the serial number of the registration, please write the name of the delegate on the payment.

Tours and events will be confirmed when Congrex has received payment. Admission to the Congress is granted only if Congrex has received the registration fee. Delegates, who have made late payments, should bring a proof of payment to the Congress. Failure to present this on request gives Congrex the right to charge the amount to your credit card.

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