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Last update: 3 June 2008

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Plenary Symposia

The plenary symposia can be described as the core of the Congress activities. These are supposed to be exhaustive revisions of a main subject of the specialty, addressed to all congress participants. Plenary symposia are scheduled at “prime time” in the programme, unopposed to other activities in order to achieve maximal attendance. This year for the first time, two parallel plenary symposia will be held, one mainly clinical and the other on basic science. Leading international speakers have been invited to conduct these symposia.

Main Symposia
The main symposia are state of the art educational sessions in which the speakers approach in a critical revision diverse aspects of a specific topic. The target audience is delegates especially interested in the subject or wishing to update their knowledge in that area.

Workshops are a type of session in which the speakers are expected to share with the audience their personal experience in a field, either clinical or basic. They are addressed to participants who wish to acquire practical knowledge on a specific subject, and therefore we expect to have an interactive discussion at the end of the session. Issues regarding diagnosis, management and different aspects of research will be reviewed.

Practical Courses
Practical Courses are a new type of activity in this Congress. The idea is that they should be continued in future editions, so every member of the EAACI can add them progressively to their curricula.
Practical Courses are designed to teach the basics of many of the practical skills involved in certain procedures used in Allergology, as well as the interpretation of results. An expert in the field and a Junior Member will collaborate in preparing the session and handout material. At the end of the session, the knowledge acquired by the participants will be assessed, and accordingly, a specific certificate will be awarded.

Post Graduate course
Postgraduate courses, during a half or a whole day, are activities proposed by the sections or interest groups of the EAACI. They are designed to provide a thorough review in some areas considered of special interest. Delegates attending these courses will achieve a comprehensive knowledge in that topic.

Nurses programme
This year, a specific programme for Allergy Nurses has been included in the programme of the Congress. Practical aspects of their work will be reviewed by professionals from different European countries. A Round Table will be open to debate the work situation throughout the continent, comparing similarities and differences. An inquiry will be delivered to participants, and a summary of the answers will be presented at the end of the meeting.

Business meetings
Business meetings of the Sections and Interest Groups have been included in the programme well in advance, in order to allow each member of the EAACI to schedule their meetings. An academic lecture or debate has been included at the beginning of each meeting to attract more participants to attend and participate in these groups.

Meet the Expert
These sessions are en ideal scenario to provide a direct communication with outstanding researchers and clinicians. Reduced groups will facilitate informal discussions allowing participants to present their questions and gain new perspectives.

Hot Topic
The «hot topic» sessions will consist of presentations followed by a discussion. Topics should be «burning» issues arising either out of the conference presentations or elsewhere that are relevant to the theme of the conference. Hot Topics sessions give members a chance to know the latest news in Allergology and Clinical Immunology. These sessions involve a more informal discussion of a topic than a typical conference session allows.

The Ring of Pro & Con
Pro and con opinions on controversial topics are an attractive format to provide “food for thought”. We all know that in medicine and science nothing is black or white, but different shades of grey!

Sponsored symposia
Every Founder Sponsor of EAACI has a company sponsored symposium within the main programme of the Congress. The programme of these symposia are proposed directly by the Founder Sponsors and approved by the Scientific Programme Committee prior to be included in the main programme.

Satellite symposia
Beside the main programme, after it is finished, the Satellite symposia take place. These symposia are sponsored by companies who suggest the scientific content which is approved but not organised by the Scientific Programme Committee.

Year in Review
A complete and authoritative guide focused on the higlights published during the previous year on a specific topic.

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