EAACI Membership

If you are not an EAACI member, why not become a member and enjoy the many great benefits of EAACI Membership.Did you know that as a member your registration fee is considerably less than that of a non-member? From 2007 EAACI offers a new membership structure. The new membership fee is based on the average per capita income of each European country according to the World Bank Report. Any member from a country within Europe with a GNP of less than US$ 10,000 will receive a 50% reduction on the EAACI membership fee, including full membership benefits. Join now and receive the journals ALLERGY and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (PAI) every month absolutely free - it’s one of the great benefits of membership. If you are under 35 years you can choose our free junior membership with online access to both journals.There are also many opportunities for our junior members to apply for travel grants and educational grants! More information on membership can be viewed at http://www.eaaci.net/

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