Application Procedure

The accreditation of all CME programmes is performed online through the portal of EACCME

After a preliminary review by EACCME, all applications are transferred to the EBAACI secretariat for further administrative processing and evaluation of the scientific programme by an independent board of European experts, composed of six members, three from EAACI and three from the UEMS Allergology Section and Board, nominated for four years.

EBAACI then recommends the appropriate number of credits to EACCME which will finalise the accreditation process and inform the CME provider of the number of CME credits for their event and provide the required information to issue certificates.

The timescale for the application implies that the completed application form, with all relevant attachments and full payment for the application is received no less than twelve weeks from the planned start date of the event, and preferably more than 16 weeks.


A pre-defined processing fee applies for both EACCME and EBAACI. For live events, accreditation fees are based on the number of expected participants and is not dependent on the number of European CME credits (ECMECs) awarded.

 UEMS - EACCME Sliding scaleEBAACI Sliding scale
Participants Total Fee Total Fee
1-250 375 € 375 €
251-500 675 € 675 €
501-1000 1000 € 1000 €
1001-2000 1.300 € 1.300 €
2001-5000 2.550 € 2.550 €
Over 5000 4.400 € 4.400 €

To start the application process and view a checklist of required documentation, please click here.
Last updated 13 August 2015