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    ENT section is Passionate about Allergy and Rhinology. Our task is to unite allergy and ENT clinicians, researchers and healthcare workers who regard nose as the main organ in their day to day practice. We educate about established and new examinations, tests and treatment methods and work hard to accumulate and disseminate the best knowledge via our Task Force groups and consensus projects. 

    We devote a great deal of time to promotion of specific immunotherapy as the best known method that changes the cause of the allergic illnesses among patients, healthcare professionals and politicians. We are dedicated to education of newly qualified doctors and students and provide a platform for clinical communication, sharing of ideas in research and clinical work during the ENT events that our section organises at various scientific meetings.

    FREE Membership in the ENT section for under 36 years old gives wide range of benefits including Allergy Journal on-line
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    From the EAACI bylaws The Sections should encourage membership of the EAACI from their areas of expertise, relate to European and national societies in their relevant areas, promote an understanding of the importance of allergy within those societies, advise the EU on matters of policy within their relevant areas, advise the SPC on the development of programmes, promote Europe-wide co-operation in scientific and clinical research, and suggest task forces and scientific sessions within their areas.

    The aim of ENT Section is to:
    • promote understanding of the aetiology and mechanisms of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis and other co-morbidities related to allergic rhinitis
    • encourage the adequate management of upper respiratory allergies
    • encourage the development of safe and effective therapeutic strategies
    • disseminate the most up-to-date information regarding patient care
    • to promote the institution of basic standards for the management of patients
      with upper respiratory allergies, relying on evidence-based strategies

    Due to the dynamism of researchers in the ENT field, the high standard of EAACI events, and the attraction of joining the ENT Section for Juniors in the field, membership in the ENT Section rises steadily, with one third of our members being JMAs. The input of the ENT Section in the scientific achievements of the EAACI grows steadily year by year. At the Istanbul Congress, several symposia provided participants with the latest developments in the field of allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, nasal polyps, and global airway disease. The symposia were supplemented with post-graduate courses, workshops, and oral abstract sessions.

    The ENT Section is active in research with the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (GA²LEN), which is a consortium of leading European research centres specialising in allergic diseases. The newest epidemiological results achieved in Europe from the GA²LEN survey and pan-European sinusitis cohort studies were presented in Istanbul. The results of epidemiological studies clearly demonstrate that co-morbidity of inflammatory disease between upper and lower airways has impact on the severity of symptoms and further collaboration between ENT specialists and chest physicians is strongly indicated for better understanding of this important interaction process. The ENT Section has been also active in the creation of EAACI Task Force documents, such as EPOS, the European Position Paper on rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps, which was published first in 2005, was revised in 2007, and is now being prepared for revision in autumn 2011, with publication aimed for 2012. This document offers evidence-based approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of rhinosinusitis and nasal polyps and is available free on its own website www.ep3os.org. Another Task Force document, Diagnostic Tools in Rhinology, has been finalised and published online in the first issue of Clinical & Translational Allergy. The ENT Section is also involved in joint Task Forces with the Pediatric and Asthma Sections of the EAACI. As our ENT Section disseminates its activities even further afield, new EAACI ENT members, including JMAs, are very welcome.

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