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    Last updated: 21 July 2017
  • About Us

    This is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter. After its discovery more than 100 years ago, Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT) is entering a decade of fundamental regulatory changes, novel scientific data and - in general - great perspectives. No field of allergy has spiked more research ideas and clinical interest than the basics, modalities and practical applications of AIT. The EAACI Immunotherapy Interest Group (IT IG) is going to prepare the European Allergy Community for further advancement of this unique approach to cope with IgE-mediated allergic reactions and diseases.

    This part of the EAACI website wishes to inform you about further activities of the EAACI IG Immunotherapy. The IG board is trying to stimulate the interest of our members, clinicians and scientists, encouraging them to walk the fascinating path of Allergen Immunotherapy, to the future.
    Last updated: 18 January 2017
  • IT IG Outlook for 2014

    In the beginning of 2014, the EAACI-Position Paper on 'Clinical Outcomes in AIT-trials' will be published. This paper will have an important impact from our academy in harmonization of AIT-trials in the future. Moreover, the work of the Task Force (TF) on 'Contraindications in AIT' has just been finalized and this group's first reports are expected in the first quarter of 2014, too. The following TF activities are well established and represent important activities of the IT IG in 2014: from the clinical point of view, the 'Pan European Survey for evaluation of the frequency of systemic adverse reactions due to Specific Allergen Immunotherapy in real life setting' (EASSI) as well as the prospective register on 'Adherence to Specific Immunotherapy in Europe' (PASTE) will be successfully finalized next year.

    An open question in relation to AIT is, if it is possible to identify biomarkers for prediction and monitoring of the treatment. A new TF for Biomarkers for monitoring the clinical efficacy of allergen immunotherapy will be established in the next year, collaborating with the Immunology Section of EAACI. The primary purpose of this TF is to create an overview of potential biomarker candidates and eventually propose a way forward in this research area.

    EAACI have been closely involved in discussion with the authorities (EMA) regarding the development of products for immunotherapy in children. In collaboration with the Pediatric Section, the IT IG will establish a new TF for AIT in Children.

    Moreover, in order to increase the comparative potential for immunotherapy trials and the validity of clinical outcome of treatment a new TF defining clinical-relevant thresholds for allergen-exposure for analysis of outcomes in AIT will be also initiated. In addition, a new TF will identify specifics in relation to allergen-specific immunotherapy with rare allergens.

    Finally, the IT IG has experience with three Allergy Schools on AIT carried out in Germany, Finland and Spain in the past. In September 2014, it is planned to carry out the next AIT- Allergy School in Athens, Greece, in collaboration with the Greek Society of Allergology.Oliver Pfaar, Lars Jacobsen,
    IT IG-Chair
    IT IG-Secretary
    Last updated: 18 January 2017