• PhARF Award 2016

    The winner of the 2016 PhARF Award was announced on Saturday, June 11 at the opening ceremony of this year’s EAACI. Prof Antonella Muraro, President of EAACI, presented the PhARF statue (in the form of an IgE molecule) to Verena Niederberger-Leppin, MD, Assoc Prof, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

    Dr Niederberger’s independent and original research impressed and motivated the PhARF Scientific Committee to recognize her with the PhARF Award 2016 with the following motivation:
    “Dr Verena Niederberger’s research with recombinant allergens is continuously at the forefront, developing new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for allergy. She moved the use of recombinant molecules into clinical application with the first world-wide immunotherapy trial, published 2004.”
    Last updated: 07 October 2016
  • EAACI Grants and Awards

    EAACI Awards include the Clinical and Research Fellowships, the Medals, the Allergopharma Award and JM Poster Prizes that are awarded to different categories of scientists based on excellence, according to criteria described under each award category. The winners of the EAACI Awards are announced yearly during the annual EAACI Congress.

    Specific requirements, application and all relevant information is available from the relevant section.
    Last updated: 07 October 2016
  • PhARF Award 2014

    The objective of PhARF is to encourage progress in allergy research, specifically through the PhARF Award, which is aimed at recognizing outstanding younger investigators. The Award amounts to USD 50,000.

    Applications are now closed. More information for 2016 Award will be added later during the year.
    Last updated: 29 January 2015